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Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Our Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Example Use Case...

Behavioral Tracking, Prediction and Recommendation

Robotics - Movement, Decision Making

Situational Analysis and Threat Analysis

NLP-Natural Language Processing

Medical Diagnostics, Symptom Navigation

Medical Patient Treatment and Therapy Management

Chat bots (interactive computer avatars)

Pattern recognition - image, signal or sequence based

Prediction - finance, genetics, games, behavior

Identity Systems

Games - non-player character behaviors

Advanced decision simulation for ent., defense

Automated customer service and management

Business and Industrial process automation

Surveillance Monitoring Prediction and Analysis

Bioinformatics tools and databases

Autonomous ground vehicles

Voice Recognition & Computer Speech

Insight from our Artificial Inteliigence & Machine Learning Lab

We changed the way animal husbandry work by implementing Artificial intelligence & machine learning in semen analysis and prediction.... 

Weather prediction is become more accurate with machine learning and big data.

Smart city need smart data with big data analysed with Artificial intelligence and machine learning... we build model to power smart city requirements...

We improved Medical Diagnostics, Symptom Navigation and Dependency with artificial intelligence and machine learning